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Impact of a home palliative care team (HPCT) interventions on patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals, pre/post implementation of a 24/7 telephone helpline


03.2015 – 12.2020


The general aim of this research project is the comparison of two study phases in order to observe the impact of implementing a 24/7 telephone helpline in the functioning of a home palliative care mobile team intervening at home and in nursing homes. The two phases are as described below.

Phase 1 is a pilot prospective study measuring the impact of a HPCT interventions in its usual functioning - without a 24/7 telephone helpline -, on patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. The main outcomes are: quality of care and quality of life for patients; quality of life and burden for caregivers; perception of collaboration improvement among 1st line healthcare professionals, and utility of HPCT interventions on different outcomes such as pain, psycho-social support to patients, to patients’ family, spiritual and existential support to patient, organisational support for healthcare professionals.

Phase 2 will test the impact of HPCT interventions functioning with a 24/7 telephone helpline.


Medizin, Andere


Service de soins palliatifs et de support (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois - CHUV)


G.D. Borasio et M. Bernard


AVASAD, AVDEMS, La Solution, Permed, Unique, Home Assistance


Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS), Fondation Bangerter

Keywords (in english)

palliative care – mobile team - home interventions – quality of life – quality of palliative care – patients – caregivers – healthcare professionals


A paper outlining results stemming from Phase1 is in progress.


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