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French validation of the Integrated Palliative care Outcome Scale (IPOS)


05.2016 – 02.2018


For the development of palliative care research in the French context, it is crucial to have a validated reference tool recognized internationally for assessing the quality of palliative care, to allow for international comparisons. The Integrated Palliative care Outcome Scale (IPOS) is a widely used tool, developed in the UK, which lacks a validated French version. The aim of the study is to provide (i) a cross-cultural translation of the patient and staff IPOS in French and (ii) a psychometric validation (content and face validity, construct validity, sensitivity to change, clinical applicability). The validation took place in 16 palliative care units and mobile teams in the French part of Switzerland with the objective to include 170 patients. We expect that a validated French IPOS version will foster clinical research in palliative care in the francophone world, both in the hospital and the home care setting.




CHUV, Service de soins palliatifs et de support


Dr Mathieu Bernard; Prof. Gian Domenico Borasio


La Chrysalide, Hôpital Neuchâtelois;


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