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A structured early palliative care intervention for patients with advanced cancer a randomized controlled trial (SENS-Trial)


05.2013 – 05.2016


This study (SENS Trial) aims at a systematic discussion of questions at an early time point of the course of the disease to reduce stressors in patients and their family and enhance quality of life. We hypothesize that the early structured palliative care intervention based on bio-psychosocial-spiritual model of care will relieve distress in patients with advanced cancer at the end of life. In this randomized controlled trial one group of patients will receive normal standard oncological care. The intervention group will be invited to discuss the following four areas in one or more patient consultations with a multidisciplinary Palliative Care Team: symptom management, decision making, network around the patient, support of the surrounding of the patient. Content and extent of the consultations depend on the needs of the patient and his surroundings. All participants of the trial will receive a monthly letter with questionnaires about their state of health and condition. Selected patients will be invited to participate in an interview regarding their lived experience of an early palliative care involvement and support.


Medizin, Pflegewissenschaften


Universitätsspital Inselspital Bern


Dr. med. S. Eychmüller


Kantonsspital Luzern, Kantonsspital St.Gallen




Eychmuller, S., [SENS is making sense - on the way to an innovative approach to structure Palliative Care problems]. Ther Umsch, 2012. 69(2): p. 87-90.


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